Coming Soon - BandSpec ReedVault
Coming Soon - BandSpec ReedVault
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Coming Soon - BandSpec ReedVault

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The BandSpec ReedVault Reed Storage Box

A tailored storage solution crafted for the distinct needs of bagpipe musicians. Renowned for its practicality and cost-effectiveness, this product is a superb choice for safeguarding your bagpipe chanter reeds.

  • Dedicated to Chanter Reeds: The ReedVault is designed to hold up to 15 bagpipe chanter reeds-
  • Optional Humidity Control Upgrade: Enhance the ReedVault with an additional hygrometer and humidity packs, available separately, for superior moisture management.
  • Analogue Hygrometer Option: A reliable analogue hygrometer which eliminates the need for batteries, thus ensuring longevity and fewer technical concerns.
  • Simplicity and Durability: The ReedVault features a straightforward and sturdy design, offering an efficient solution for reed storage.
  • Enhances Reed Longevity: The stable storage environment within the ReedVault contributes to extending the life of your reeds, ensuring they are always ready for performance.

How it Works:

  • Add the optional hygrometer pack for improved humidity control.
  • Securely holds and protects up to 15 chanter reeds from physical harm.
  • Its design is geared towards creating a stable environment for the reeds, thereby enhancing their longevity and readiness.

 Ideal For:

  • Bagpipers in need of a dedicated storage solution for chanter reeds.
  • Pipers who appreciate the option to customise their reed care.
  • Those seeking a blend of functionality, cost-effectiveness, and straightforwardness in their musical accessories.

The ReedVault Chanter Reed Storage Box is more than just a storage unit; it provides crucial protection and the option for customisation to meet your specific reed maintenance preferences.