About us

BandSpec® is a brand of Mister MISTER ANTONY Ltd, a brand that stands for Tradition and Quality


A.Mistofsky Limited was founded by Antony Mistofsky’s great grandfather in Manchester in the 1920’s as a waterproof and rainproof clothing manufacturer. The company specialised in rubberised double texture raincoats and other waterproof products many of which were used by Police Forces and Ministry of Defence.

Antony’s grandfather continued running the business with his two brothers until the late 1940’s when he relocated to Glasgow. Antony’s father took over the business in the 1960’s and Antony himself became involved as a young man in the late 1970’s.

In the early 1980’s Antony decided to concentrate on rainwear for bandsmen, in particular a lighter-weight more portable raincape. In 1982 he branched out on his own and the Mister Antony (Inverness Capes) company was formed.

The pursuant years saw Antony successfully promoting his raincapes and accessories at highland games and outdoor pipe band competitions across the United Kingdom. The Mister Antony brand was becoming well established and a network of retail vendors was expanding worldwide.

The Mister Antony BANDSPEC raincape was launched in 2006 and is worn today by the vast majority of pipe bands around the world. The Mister Antony brand continues to offer exclusive excellent quality products and a high level of personal service.

Mister Antony Ltd is developing a range of pipe band accessory products under the Bandspec brand.